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Co-Workers Use Basketball Event to Promote Diversity

Sports have an amazing capacity to unify, strengthen, and inspire our community. Sports are a way for people of different demographics and backgrounds to connect and compete together towards a common goal. This past month, co-workers from Boston's WeWork office held a corporate basketball tournament to promote diversity. The company prides itself on fostering community within its own company and the companies that it creates office spaces for. This event is just another way to show how their employees are creating community and driving diversity, through sports.

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The group repping their WeWork jerseys at The Shady Hill School in Cambridge, MA

The basketball event, booked through Playeasy, provided an opportunity for employees to get out of the shared co-working space to another place where they can socialize, connect, have some fun and play some basketball! The group also used the event as an opportunity to raise money for a charitable cause. Donations for the event went to VoloCity, a non for profit organization that provides free sports programs to inner city children.

Work Events on Playeasy
Donations for the event went VoloCity, a non for profit organization that provides free sports programs to inner city kids

Eugene Clowney, who is an Event Lead at Boston's WeWork Office who also ran the event, explained to us his belief in the power of sports, and how he has used sports to promote diversity. "Sports is a healthy competitive environment for people to connect from various backgrounds." The basketball games took place at The Shady Hill School, a gym the group booked through Playeasy. "Playeasy was an easy option to book our much needed sporting venue seamlessly."

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