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Zero Gravity Basketball Working with Playeasy to Book Athletic Space

Zero Gravity Basketball, the largest grassroots basketball organization in the country, is working with Playeasy, an online platform to find and book athletic space. The two organizations are coming together to help solve a common problem for the basketball community, which is finding available gym space.

"The current process for finding and reserving basketball courts can be extremely slow and painful. Not just for large tournaments, but also for all of the coaches and teams that need gym space for practices, games and tryouts that don't have the benefit of having the types of relationships that we do. We're excited to work with Playeasy to help the grassroots basketball community have better access to facilities, as well as help facilities and gyms market their spaces and fill their open times. This solution is a huge need and we think we can help make it an unbelievable success as we work together."

- Greg Kristof, CEO, Zero Gravity Basketball

Zero Gravity will be helping bring the facilities they work with onto the Playeasy platform. When anyone needs a place to play, they can go to, enter details on what they need, and available facilities in their area offer to host them.

"We are beyond excited to work with a dynamic organization like Zero Gravity. They align perfectly with our mission to help make athletic space more available to help grow grassroots sports. Their knowledge and experience has been invaluable for us to help create a solution that meets the needs of both the people needing a place to play, as well as the facilities and gyms. We're already seeing this accelerate adoption of our platform and provide more value to everyone using Playeasy."

- Sean Flaherty, Founder and CEO, Playeasy

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