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The Facility Booking Platform for The Northeast Futsal Association

BOSTON, Massachusetts -- Playeasy, an online platform that connects individuals, teams and sporting events with athletic facilities to streamline the booking process, is working with the Northeast Futsal Association to ease the job of finding sports facilities for their leagues and teams.

"Being a regional organization across multiple states, there may be no greater challenge for our growth than securing quality facilities in an efficient, timely manner. Organizing and operating leagues, tournaments, coaching and referee education and international player identification events is a large task unto its own. We feel that Playeasy provides a service that is so important to the success of a professionally-run athletic organization."

- Zach Rocha, Northeast Futsal

Playeasy will serve as the Northeast Futsal Association’s go-to booking resource for all practices, games and events, allowing coaches and the organization leaders to save time finding facilities. Playeasy provides an easy to use platform to connect individuals, teams, leagues and event organizers with available athletic facilities to simplify the current manual process. Renters can create a booking request, have available facilities offer to host them, and then select the one(s) that best fits their needs.  This partnership will not only save time for coaches and event organizers, but will also help grow the sport of futsal in the northeast and beyond.

"The Northeast Futsal Association is the fastest growing futsal organization in the northeast.  We’re excited that they've selected Playeasy as their go-to platform for booking facilities for their practices, games and events. Not only have they established themselves as a premier sports organization in the northeast, but their values and dedication to growing young athletes as students and well rounded individuals align with our beliefs in what sports can bring to a community.  Together we are going to be working to make athletic space more available to help grow grassroots sports.”

- Sean Flaherty, CEO of Playeasy

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