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A Q&A  On Life After The Game


Ryan Quigley is a former Punter who played five seasons in the NFL. Quigley was a part of the New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Arizona Cardinals, and Minnesota Vikings before becoming an entrepreneur.

Q. What was your Wraparound experience with The Trust like? Why did you come in for a Wraparound?

Nobody wants to really put their mind in the space of, ‘Oh, I'm not playing football,' but when The Trust reached out to me, I was very interested in coming in for a Wraparound. It was one of those things where you’re told about all of these benefits while you’re playing and you think you have a good understanding of them, but after going through the Wraparound I realized that I was unaware of about 70 percent that was new to me. 

The best part was getting to meet everyone in-person and being able to put faces to names. It was helpful because now I know who to call for different needs. It helps you know who to call. That part was big for me. It was definitely worth the trip — I feel like now I have a full understanding of what’s available to me as I continue my life outside of football. Wraparounds are definitely something every player should try to attend whenever they have the opportunity to.

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