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How Shady Hill School Funds Extracurricular Activities

Most private schools can use some extra cash to help fund their programs. While the standard funding, such as tuition and donations, can help keep the lights on, many times it doesn't cover all the costs for extracurricular and educational activities.

The Shady Hill School has found a creative approach to help fund many of these extra programs by leveraging an asset that they already had - their gym.

"We are always looking for ways to raise revenue in order to support the school's mission." Vince Quirk, Controller of The Shady Hill School "Rental income supports the school's operating budget which supports our educational and extracurricular activities. Additional revenue helps to supplement tuition, donations and other revenue streams.  This helps us enhance our programs without having to rely on existing sources of revenue." 

And not only does this help the schools, but it also helps the local sporting event organizations needing places to play. If you're a school considering options to earn extra revenue to fund additional initiatives, renting your athletic facilities is a great solution.

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